Veinard Gelingen Ltd. is a professional company with highly qualified specialists in the areas of company incorporation in various different jurisdictions, business administration, banking, book-keeping, tax planning, accounting and audit. We also specialize in Real Estate and assist many of our Clients through their property investment procedure. Drawing together many years of practical experience ensures timely solutions and the highest standards of service. In our work we follow old and proven principles, establishing the framework for recognition and success: mutual respect. Our priority is our client’s satisfaction.

Every day we help our clients to reach and enhance real results with innovative and creative solutions. We are not just about making profits, but how to serve our clients - both large and small are equally important to us.

Our wide international clientele has escalated throughout the course of our existence and we have made many new relationships via “world of mouth”. We take this as a big compliment and are always interested meeting new acquaintances and create mutually beneficial co-operations. Therefore please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

This website gives you an indication of the services we provide and the personal care you will get with us.


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